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Baby Bliss

A new day job has kept us busy for most of the long hiatus, and photography has taken a bit of a back seat.  For most part, this was the reason too.  Meet my wife during the anticipation of the latest addition in our family.  Photos were taken October 2012.




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Perennially Yours

While the Northeast winters are one of the harshest in the country, I wouldn’t be in any other place during the summers. The landscape is so lush, and plants grow effortlessly anywhere. In this side of God’s country, flora and fauna are being nurtured by Mother Nature herself. So even for people who don’t have green thumbs, such as ourselves, we grow beautiful, lush gardens.

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Burlington Mardi Gras 2011

With winter hopefully ending soon, one of the most anticipated activities in this cold and often gloomy North East city is the annual Mardi Gras parade. It may be a few (or more) notches down on the craziness scale compared to the original Mardi Gras down south, but it is far more family friendly. It’s great to see the colorful display of characters in the parade, not to mention the fun gathering of the Vermont populace in a party mode.

At 45 degrees F, it is definitely a little more bearable to hang out to watch the entire parade this year. Of course I’ll be happy to have weather beyond freezing point nowadays.

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Autumn Photoscape 2010

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Autumn brings bittersweet feelings. It is the most beautiful time of the year, bursting with the most gorgeous colors and the landscape is majestic. However, it also means that in a matter of weeks, nature will be going through a purging and all of these pretty colors will nothing but bare, lifeless looking twigs. Nevertheless, being the guy with the glass-half-full, I bask in the moment and enjoy New England’s prettiest time of the year. Enjoy my take of Autumn 2010.

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City of Burlington

Even as the official state nickname is being the “Green Mountain State” — many have called Vermont God’s Country mainly because of the beautiful untouched scenery on all four seasons.  All that nature is not for everybody, though.  That is also why the city of Burlington proves to be a good alternative.  Burlington’s mix of cosmopolitan flair via the Burlington Church Street Marketplace and a stunning view of Lake Champlain against the Adirondack mountains makes it a popular attraction for tourists.

Here our first offering of photographs of this beautiful town.

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